Rethinking protein tools / analysis

Tivix are technically strong and easy to work with. They enabled the fast development of a new class of biotech instrument with a built-in web server, working hard to keep the project on schedule with minimum oversight. Tivix were responsive to our needs, and together we created a great product with a sustainable code base.

ProteinSimple is a venture-funded company developing series of biotechnology devices that improve the research quality in the cell signaling pathway elucidation.

ProteinSimple engaged Tivix to help build and expand the capabilities of a technically complex product and take it to the next level. We helped refactor the existing code to conform to Django best practices, improving the ability to quickly build and launch new features.

At the conclusion of our engagement, we transitioned knowledge to the technical leadership at ProteinSimple to facilitate the development of future products.

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