Advocacy and Analytics Tool

Solving problems and building complex software can be truly enjoyable when partnering with good people, and that is how our team feels about our relationship with Tivix.

Alex Schettine, President, Muster

Muster is an exciting new startup on the East Coast, dedicated to improving democracy by bringing the power of grassroots advocacy into the digital age. Muster automatically matches your personal contacts to their respective elected officials, giving individuals and organizations the power to muster their troops for political causes. 

The Muster team engaged Tivix to leverage a rich data set they had amassed for an enterprise-level campaign and analytics tool, targeted towards advocacy organizations and trade associations.

Tivix initially kicked off the engagement by expanding upon the existing Muster data set, writing custom ETL's that interacted with third-party APIs. Our teams worked together to leverage this data and create the front-facing product, Muster.

At its core, Muster is a multifaceted advocacy and communications tool. It allows for supporter management, campaign creation, and analytics tracking. While seemingly simple, each feature has its own complexities that make it special: supporters are geo-coded on import, campaigns allow for geo-level targeting and multiple delivery options, and analytics track every last action.

From the initial wireframes to deploying code to production, Tivix entrenched themselves with the Muster team to deliver a product users want.

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