Marlette Funding

$3 Billion in Loans Originated in 3 Years

I have been very impressed by Tivix’s ability to adjust and execute quickly. It’s shocking, really.

Marlette Funding, an East Coast firm, engaged with Tivix to help build a revolutionary new platform for consumer financial services. Branded Best Egg, the platform launched in 2014 and – as described in this Bloomberg Business article – went from launch to $450 million in just ten months, outpacing the early traction of other players in the space such as Lending Club and Prosper.

For consumers, Best Egg offers smarter, better unsecured loans with lower rates. Get out from under credit card debt, and get a low fixed rate with an easy online application, approval, and funding process.

For institutions and investment managers, Best Egg offers a platform where they can deploy capital and get better risk-adjusted returns than with many other asset classes. Retail banks are essentially cut out of the equation. 

Technologies usedSPA architecture and AngularJS.

See our blog post about the project. 

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