iOS + Cloud Application for Corporate Security

We are continually challenged by the Tivix team. They stretch us, asking the right questions, presenting various scenarios and testing the true logic and flow of our concepts to get our product to where we need it to be. We are always impressed with the varied talents of the Tivix team members.

Tivix was engaged by a large physical private security company to build an iOS + Cloud application to facilitate the process of deploying and managing on-premise security personnel, and associated workflow. Because their business is very much driven by compliance forms, one of the core attributes of the new platform needed to bringing cumbersome paper forms to a dynamic digital mobile experience.

FormForce turns forms into living processes and procedures. By moving form entry onto a digital platform, data may be securely captured and accessed by multiple parties in real time. With a full database infrastructure, FormForce correlates sites, employees, training, vendors, and equipment — all aimed at providing rich data for analysis, verification and validation. 

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