Corporate Travel Optimization Engine

The Tivix team was able bring tremendous engineering expertise and best practices, working closely with our internal team to help us meet a crucial launch milestone for our company.

Karim Meghji, VP Product and Engineering, Yapta

Yapta is a travel comparison shopping application providing optimal prices for flights, hotels, cars along with other tools for trip planning. With over five years of experience in airfare tracking, Yapta understands travel priorities and ensures the best rates without compromising important parameters such as dates and times.

Tivix co-developed FareIQ, a new service provided by Yapta bringing price guarantees to the corporate travel industry. Our team worked closely with Yapta's internal engineering team, bringing best-practices related to Django/Python and Bootstrap. Tivix successfully helped to launch the new product on-time and on-budget, delivering a top-notch user experience for Yapta's customers.

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