Bitcoin Technology

21co intends to make bitcoin truly useful for developers. The company is building the full-stack hardware and software necessary to allow bitcoin to realize its full commercial potential. Through an app, marketplace, network and library, 21co lets developers use a single line of code to send bitcoin via HTTP. 21co has raised over $120m in funding to date, and is backed by high-profile investors such as Andreessen Horowitz and Peter Thiel.

21co reached out to Tivix to augment their internal engineering team. They needed skilled and agile development talent. As a rapidly growing company with significant venture backing, 21co had to pass ambitious milestones and get a scalable, secure product to market.

Tivix engaged with 21 in co-development mode. Our team connected with 21’s backend system to design and implement a dynamic command line interface (CLI). This command line allows users to buy, mine, earn, and sell bitcoin interactively – and forms a significant part of 21’s product offering.

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