Oct 12 2017

2017 State of the Industry: A survey of software developers on software developer productivity.

For most companies (including Tivix) software engineers are a very expensive part of the operation, so finding ways to help them be efficient and productive is something we are always working to get better at. Since the dawn of software development, in fact, there has been debate about how to make software engineering teams more effective.

Jul 09 2017

A Few Thoughts on Vue.js and JavaScript Frameworks

I had the pleasure of attending VueConf 2017, so I figured I'd put together some thoughts on Vue and using JavaScript frameworks in general.

Jun 30 2017

Innovation Summit 2017 (Berlin).

Yesterday I represented Tivix at the Economist's Innovation Summit 2017, held in Berlin. It was quite the gathering of incredibly smart people from around the world, discussing global innovation trends and opining on where it is all going.

Jun 30 2017

The Future of the Labour Market - Fortune Telling or Better Get Ready For Different Scenarios?

Last week I had the pleasure of delivering a speech on behalf of all the parents at my daughter’s middle school graduation ceremony.   I am sure that at one point or another during their education the young people were pondering what their future will look like.

Jul 05 2017

Lean UX (a framework for developing successful new digital products and platforms).

I was on a call last week with the Head of Digital for a very large global telecom company, talking about how they approach the development of innovative new products.

Jul 05 2017

API Strategy and Business Models

We explore how organizations can use an API strategy to expand and enhance their product offerings, monetize API business models and drive revenue.

Jun 22 2017

The Future of Secure Digital Identity

As I've been discussing future trends and challenges with Chief Digital Officers and other execs recently, a common topic of discussion is digital identities . There's a strong consensus that we need a new approach.

Jun 21 2017

Warren Buffett and Tivix (we both think that speaking and presenting skills matter)

On a plane the other day I watched the new documentary about Warren Buffett .

Jun 20 2017

The Third Wave of IoT

IoT is a hot buzzword right now. It stands for "Internet of Things", and really just simply means connected devices — these days we have the ability to put internet connections inside just about anything.

Jun 19 2017

London Tech Week

Last week I represented Tivix at London Tech Week, a week-long festival of tech with  global leaders sharing expertise and knowledge in hundreds of venues across London . It is sponsored by the Mayor's Office, as a way of celebrating (and promoting) the London tech scene.


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